Today's poem is by Josh Kalscheur

Blank Shot

I should not find my form
untouchable in ways others find it
passable. I should want to stand
by a small bridge, behind
a building whose façade resembles
a giant calculator. I should not be
ashamed of striding into that building,
into a pane of glass to catch
a bird whose life is carefully being
lost over and over and over.
The places where I am most valuable
are the places where I am considered
a compassionate person
and those places are mostly
gone though the few left
have loved me how I remember
God loving me God holding me.
All I know is that I am still
compassionate, still have days,
still know the great places
for peace are parks leading
to great lakes, to smooth stone
infinities and you could
spend whole and perfect lives
studying how to throw them
and over and over and over
you could go, blissfully losing
them off the shore, into one
beautiful body of water.

Copyright © 2017 Josh Kalscheur All rights reserved
from Poetry Northwest
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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