Today's poem is by Victoria Chang

Barbie Chang is Done

Barbie Chang is done worshipping the
      Circle is done shopping

for a matching purple dress she is
      complete with three

plates and doesn't need more she now
      knows there is darkness

behind darkness she decides to form
      her own Circle not to

irk the Circle but to create something
      new to build a new system

out of sticks a new road out of clay
      instead of complain

planes keep falling from the sky even
      the planes need someone

to give them direction to point them down
      the bodies are in little

pieces on the ground the little pieces
      have no more relation to

each other no one is weeping because
      of the smells she bends

down and picks up small pieces of
      people puzzle sized

pieces tries to put the different colors
      together a million piece

puzzle of the world's troubles that she
      must leave on the

table for her daughters to put back
      together outside a box

of staples loose on the driveway even the
      earth is coming undone

Copyright © 2017 Victoria Chang All rights reserved
from Barbie Chang
Copper Canyon Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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