Today's poem is "The Music of Places Going on Without Us"
from Ardor

Jacar Press

Tina Kelley's third poetry collection, Abloom and Awry, came out in 2017 from CavanKerry Press, joining Precise (Word Press), and The Gospel and Galore, winner of the 2003 Washington State Book Award. She co-authored Almost Home: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope, and reported for The New York Times for ten years, sharing in a staff Pulitzer for 9/11 coverage. Her writing has appeared in Poetry East, Southwest Review, Prairie Schooner, The Best American Poetry 2009, and on the buses of Seattle, Washington. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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Books by Tina Kelley:

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"Naming the Natural World"
Three poems
Three poems
Three poems
"A National Monument Crosses Over"

Tina Kelley on Twitter.

About Ardor:

"In Ardor, Tina Kelley crafts nineteen love poems to the world, celebrating the details of the daily—a new garden, town names on an atlas, the sound of swallowing. She pays close attention to language, writing an ode to the preposition 'of' and trying to find the word for 'the look a woman / gives a man 20 years younger before she realizes she's / 20 years older.' With tenderness and humor, she remembers pregnant friends, sick friends, quirky godmothers. Something new unfolds in these poems of praise every time one returns to them."
—Zeina Hashem Beck

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