Today's poem is "Şoricel"
from The Amoeba Game

Eyewear Publishing

Tara Skurtu, born in Key West, Florida, is a two-time Fulbright grantee and recipient of two Academy of American Poets prizes and a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship in poetry. Her poems have appeared in Salmagundi, The Kenyon Review, Plume, and Poetry Review. She is the author of the chapbook Skurtu, Romania (Eyewear, 2016).

Books by Tara Skurtu:

Other poems on the web by Tara Skurtu:
"Night Communion"
Two poems

Tara Skurtu's Website.

Tara Skurtu on Twitter.

About The Amoeba Game:

"In these wise, sharply observed, dazzling lyric poems, we travel, as Skurtu opens to and is opened by her ancestral adopted country."
—Gail Mazur

"The earned, liberated laughter of survival and foreboding; a high-voltage mind thinking in images; candid grief; an irreverence that rises above convention to a true, untamed intuition of the sacred; love, with all its penalties and joys. With these qualities, the engaging poems of Tara Skurtu's The Amoeba Game offer a vision of our familiar world transformed by possibility. The title poem is a compact, funny parable of imagination engaging the unknown, and happy to encounter the unknowable."
—Robert Pinsky

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