Today's poem is "After the Sonogram"
from The Stranger World

Measure Press

Ryan Wilson was born in Griffin, Georgia, and raised in nearby Macon. The editor of Literary Matters and a doctoral candidate at The Catholic University of America, he has published widely in periodicals such as First Things, Five Points, The Hopkins Review, The New Criterion, The Sewanee Review, and The Yale Review. Currently, he lives with his wife in Baltimore.

Books by Ryan Wilson:

Other poems on the web by Ryan Wilson:
"Face it"
"An Orwellian Aubade"
"Unnamed Poem"

About The Stranger World:

"Ryan Wilson's mastery of traditional forms serves a fresh, distinctive poetry of candor and meditation: soulful rather than brittle, more observant than performative. The idiomatic American blank verse of Wilson's 'Authority' ard 'L'Estraneo' is as fluent as that of Robert Frost, but with an oblique tenderness that reminds me of Frost's friend Edward Thomas."
—Robert Pinsky

"Ryan Wilson is a poet of nightmares. Monstrous possibilities lurk in his elegant stanzas: a black panther stalks the suburbs, a haunted marriage collapses, strange faces loom at windows. As he learned from his masters Horace, Villon, and Baudelaire, a classical flourish can bring us face to face with horror, or with ourselves."
—Rosanna Warren

"The Stranger World includes heartbreaking lyrics, haunting narratives, inspired translations, and finely honed satires. It is not simply consummate skill that is everywhere present in these well-wrought poems but, to echo the title of one of the best of them, authority. They are written with the authority of mastery."
—Mark Jarman

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