Today's poem is "Small Hungers"
from How to Bake a Planet

Salmon Poetry

Pete Mullineaux grew up in the UK but since 1991 has lived in Galway Ireland where he teaches development education through creative writing and drama. His work has been featured on RTE’s Arena and published in numerous international journals and anthologies. His three previous collections are: Zen Traffic Lights (Lapwing, 2005) A Father’s Day (Salmon, 2008) & Session (Salmon, 2011). He has also written for the stage and RTE radio and published several educational resources most recently Just a Second! Exploring Global Issues through Drama & Theatre (Afri 2015).

Books by Pete Mullineaux:

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About How to Bake a Planet:

"Mullineaux 'bends an ear towards the earth' and creates a beautiful and whimsical music that tracks the connections and disconnects in our relationships with each other and with our planet. A wandering minstrel who captures the atmosphere of bus rides, cafés, city streets and scrapyards in tones that recall the poems of Roger McGough or the songs of Pete Seeger. He takes us into art galleries and walks us around music festivals, responding to all he sees and hears with imagination and kindness."
—Catherine Ann Cullen

"Poignant love poems and family poems, poems inspired by art, music & the business of living and, perhaps most significant of all, poems arising out of compassion for those who 'wear the uniform of poverty' or cannot speak for themselves ' these are the ingredients of Pete Mullineaux’s intriguingly titled How to Bake a Planet, a book that voices many of the anxieties of contemporary life and, in the venerable tradition of the protest song, to considerable effect wears its political heart on its sleeve."
—Pat Boran

"One of the warmest poets rocking around this little island of ours."
—Alvy Carragher

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