Today's poem is "Cuttlebone"
from Sadie and the Sadists

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Paul Muldoon is widely considered the greatest-living poet of his generation. A former professor of poetry at Oxford, and once poetry editor of The New Yorker, Muldoon's influence on poetry since his debut is incalculable. At once playful, profoundly literate, pop savvy and allusive to the max, his poetry has tens of thousands of readers and fans worldwide. Any new collection of this Pulitzer-winner is an event.

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May 18, 2012:   "The Ancestor" "The great-grandmother who bears down on us, as if beholding the mote..."
April 9, 2008:   "Quail" "Forty years in the wilderness..."

Books by Paul Muldoon:

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"Love Poem with Pig"
Two poems
Two poems

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