Today's poem is "The Clown Family Moved"
from Clownery

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Paul Hunter is the author of Stubble Field. His poems herein hint at a forthcoming farming collection, 'One More Spring.' He recently published Clownery, a book of autobiographical prose poems.

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Books by Paul Hunter:

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About Clownery:

"Hunter's haunting persona, the Clown, in his new book of linked vignettes, Clownery, In lieu of a life spent in harness, eloquently reminds us of our own foibles and follies, yearnings and disappointments, successes and failures, regrets and satisfactions, as we look back at the way we lived our lives. With great skill, insight, playfulness, and compassion, Hunter dissects the character's dreams, aspirations, and lifetime dislocation from the place he calls home, the place he returns to again and again in imagination and in reality: the American farmland where his moral character, values, and attachment to the land and its people were formed-the simple things that make a life worth living."
—Phoebe Bosche

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