Today's poem is "Only Child"
from Is That What That Is

FutureCycle Press

Paul Hostovsky is the author of eight previous books of poetry: The Bad Guys (2015), Selected Poems (2014), Naming Names (2013), Hurt Into Beauty (2012), A Little in Love a Lot (2011), Dear Truth (2009), Bending the Notes (2008), and Sonnets from South Mountain (2001). His poems have won a Pushcart Prize, two Best of the Net awards, the Muriel Craft Bailey Award from The Comstock Review, and five poetry chapbook contests. He has also been featured on Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and The Writer's Almanac.

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September 13, 2012:   "The Violence of Violins" "It was in them, they would say...."
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March 2, 2007:   "Dusk Outside the Braille Press" "The lights go on in all the windows but one...."
February 14, 2007:   "Love Poem" "I love this poem...."
July 15, 2006:   "Picture of a House" " There are several V's in my daughter's drawing...."

Books by Paul Hostovsky:

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Paul Hostovsky's Website.

About Is That What That Is:

"This new Hostovsky book is such a pleasure. These poems knocked my socks off. Those other reliable reporters from the battlefield of being middle-aged in America—the Hoaglands and Hallidays, the Collinses and Padgetts—should step aside and make way for Hostovsky!"
—George Bilgere

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