Today's poem is "Opposite Freedom Fields Park, 1961"
from Articles of War

Smokestack Books

Marilyn Longstaff is a member of the Vane Women collective in the North-east of England. Her previous books include Puritan Games, Sitting among the Hoppers and Raiment (also published by Smokestack). She lives in Darlington.

Books by Marilyn Longstaff:

Other poems on the web by Marilyn Longstaff:
Blooding the Enemy"
"On (not) Hearing Simon Armitage on Start The Week - April 2010"
"For a Lost Love"
"Following The Supreme Court ruling yesterday"
Three poems

About Articles of War:

"These poems keep you on your toes. They are both truthful and sly, seldom leading where you first expect. There’s a note of the surreal in the everyday, while a seam of comedy cracks plain things open. I found myself saying yes at almost every page, recognising things I hadn’t known or thought before."
—M.R. Peacocke

"A poet with an immense talent to engage and amuse. Longstaff is also brave enough to turn a peeled eye to life's disturbing realities."
—Peter Bennet

"Laugh-out-loud but mind-your-step poems, droll, thoughtful and completely without pretension."
—Bill Greenwell

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