Today's poem is "[Sisyphus in love]"
from The Book of Endings

The University of Akron Press

Leslie Harrison holds graduate degrees from the Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, Irvine. Her first book, Displacement, won the Bakeless Prize and was published by Mariner Books. She lives and teaches in Baltimore.

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Leslie Harrison's Blog.

Leslie Harrison's website.

About The Book of Endings:

"The gradual erosion and dispersal of our physical selves, our decomposition into the elements, these perpetual disappearances mortality insists on, are sung of here, along with the fact that spiritually and scientifically, all this leave-taking is also a form of fecundity. These are incantatory and hypnotic poems."
—Amy Gerstler

"The reader first feels the musical delicacy of these lines—and then their ferocity. Part prayer, part protest, these poems both wish for and—necessarily—resist the desire to mend the world."
—Jennifer Clarvoe

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