Today's poem is "Case Study #20: Akinetic Mutism"
from In One Form To Find Another

The Cleveland State University Poetry Center

Jane Lewty is the author of Bravura Cool (1913 Press: 2013), winner of the 1913 First Book Prize in 2011, and In One Form To Find Another, which won the CSU Poetry Center Open Book Prize in 2016. She has also co-edited two essay collections; Broadcasting Modernism (University of Florida Press, 2010) and Pornotopias: Image, Desire, Apocalypse (Litteraria Pragensia, 2009). She has an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop and has taught at universities in the UK, The Netherlands, and the USA.

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About In One Form To Find Another:

"In One Form to Find Another is an heroically unsettling and compelling textual reenactment of feminine embodiments' lament, contemplation, and recalibration of disturbed histories irrevocably intertwined with traumatic experience ... This momentous and powerful book evokes feminist theory and practice, psychoanalytic discourse, and unflinching lyric to render the inscrutable territory of trauma tangible and perceptible."
—Brenda Iijima

"This is how we feel: the body remembers what the mind wants to forget. Inexplicable physical symptoms—indirect translations of traumatic past events—are rendered into language on medical message boards. In turn, these poems are mysterious lexical symptoms that connect words to feeling. Lewty's book is an inventory of intensity."
—Jena Osman

"In One Form to Find Another presents the meditative poem as agitated case study or transforms case studies into exquisite poetry, opening the question of what it means, now, to attempt to know. Wise about the many ways we are 'dismantled by memory and want,' overwhelmed by inadequate explanations, and restlessly looking for a way to tell the dancer from 'A trance-state where you stop and turn, correct and rebuild,' the poet returns us to writing's origin as address ... I am in love with Lewty's lyric brilliance."
—Laura Mullen

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