Today's poem is "The Body Compass"
from Body, in Good Light

Sixteen Rivers Press

Erin Rodonis poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Colorado Review, Cimarron Review, Drunken Boat, Ninth Letter, The Pinch, Spoon River Poetry Review, Cider Press Review, Pinwheel, West Marin Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Chautauqua, Nimrod, and others. Her poems have also been included in Best New Poets 2014 and featured on Verse Daily. She received a 2013 Intro Journals Award from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). Her first full length collection, Rotating Exhibit(forthcoming 2017), won the 2015 Sixteen Rivers Press Manuscript Competition, and was a finalist for the Southern Indian Review Press Michael Waters Poetry Book Prize, the New Rivers Press Many Voices Project, and the Zone 3 Press First Book Award, among others. She currently serves as the Poetry Editorial Assistant for Literary Mama and lives in Point Reyes, CA, with her husband and young daughter.

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About Body, in Good Light:

"'I walk toward you barefoot,' writes Erin Rodoni, a poet who can speak with the same ease of private elegies and public journeys, of childbirth and of changing trains in Krakow, of grief on losing a loved one to cancer, and of 'borrowed countries / where bougainvillea scales balconies // like a romance language.' Here is a book that journeys out into the world, and also inward—into the mysteries of private life, of the body, where 'bliss, like a memory, can be unearthed by scent.' I love how wisdom enters the moment of passion in these poems, where we see ourselves living here, on this earth, 'believing // in these bodies.' This is a marvelous debut."
—Ilya Kaminsky

"The aesthetic that courses throughout Erin Rodoni's sumptuous debut—tender and bittersweet, but also clear-eyed and unflinching—recalls Rilke's ninth Duino Elegy, in which the earth's dream is 'to resurrect / in us invisibly.' That ache of regeneration and rejuvenation is made manifest in Body, in Good Light. In the section entitled 'A Sort of Light We See as Flesh,' the poem 'The Chapel' brings us to a woman'smemorial service, where Rodoni faces 'an altar draped in fabric / that belongs to no faith.' At the end, though, she says: 'We praise/ the faith of whatever machine // keeps the warmth in her hands.' By extension, that warmth extends to the poet, to those she holds dear, and, thankfully, to us.liced bread."
—Thomas Centolella

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