Today's poem is "Lola and the Wolfhound"
from All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned

Black Lawrence Press

Erica WrightErica Wright is the author of the poetry collections All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned (Black Lawrence Press, 2017) and Instructions for Killing the Jackal (Black Lawrence Press, 2011). Her poems have appeared in Crazyhorse, Denver Quarterly, Gulf Coast, New Orleans Review, and elsewhere. She is the poetry editor at Guernica Magazine as well as an editorial board member of Alice James Books. Her latest novel is The Granite Moth (Pegasus, 2015).

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"In Defense of Ophidia"
"Aviators in Search of Employment"
"Insurance of the Future"
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About All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned:

"Poems in Erica Wright's virtuosic new collection, All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned, have an almost subliminal force. We read them with feline attention, hungering after each line's fugitive beauty. These poems capture the quicksilver of inspiration, and hold it steady, the way a hummingbird seems motionless sipping from the bud."
—Gregory Pardlo

"You don't need psychedelics or hypnosis. You don't need a shaman or any divine intervention. If it's a trip you're looking for, try Erica Wright's All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned. This is a book that warps the America we know into a mesmerizing weirdness. It scintillates the ordinary. Wright's lyricism, the fantastic juxtapositions in her diction and imagery all give us an alternate vision of our national moment. Equal parts surreal, sinister, and sincere, this is a place you definitely want to visit. It might just be the kind of place you need to live in."
—Jaswinder Bolina

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