Today's poem is "Things To Look Forward To"
from Night Light

Small Poetry Press

Donald Markos's biography is not available.

About Night Light:

"The poems in Don Markos' Night Light are authentic and visionary. He shines a flashlight on memories, taking us on a wild ride and along the route we learn to 'think like a bean.' We meet Bob the Barber and syphilitic Regan in a bait shop, dangle illegal hooks for illegal fish, and are charmed by Syrian uncles. We, too, stand 'barstool high' to meet a father who 'refused the honest work that's done where sparks spit blue.' From Don's poems we learn that ordinary human experiences with conflicting elements are transformed, and even wistfulness glistens with humor. Night Light is a luminous collection."
—Maureen Micus Crisick

"Donald Markos has a keen respect for the dark, knowing, as he does, how many ways a wily past, filtered through memory, can hide its treasure or merely yield the fool's gold of nostalgia. He rejects the neon of Vegas in favor of Night Light-exquisitely calibrated to fit each attempt at illumination. Whether driving in fog; squatting to uncover green beans; or shining his beam on characters who include a plain-talking owl, a right wing barber, an aging Adonis, a homeless man, a stripper, his father, uncles, several manifestations of himself, and assorted barflies this poet's 'pale arms of light' never fail at 'pushing the dark out / of the comers.'"
—David Alpaugh

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