Today's poem is "What Happens in Vegas"
from Late in the Empire of Men

Four Way Books

Christopher Kempf has published poetry in Best New Poets, Gettysburg Review, The New Republic, and Ploughshares, among other places. Recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, as well as a Wallace Stegner Fellowship from Stanford University, he is the 2016–2017 Emerging Writer Lecturer at Gettysburg College and a Ph.D. candidate in English literature at the University of Chicago. He received his MFA from Cornell University.

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Christopher Kempf's Website.

Christopher Kempf on Twitter. About Late in the Empire of Men:

". . . Kempf is a master of seamless juxtaposition: almost every poem moves smoothly into and out of its immediate circumstances, weaving myth and history, literary reference and new events into its fabric. . . ."
—Martha Collins

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