Today's poem is "It's the Real Thing"
from Even Years

The Kent State University Press

Christine Gosnay was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and has lived most recently in Israel and California. Her poems and essays have been selected for publication in POETRY, The Poetry Review, The Missouri Review, Redivider, Beloit Poetry Journal, New Ohio Review, The Rumpus, Third Coast, Sixth Finch, and other magazines.

Books by Christine Gosnay:

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"Ode to Men of the Service Industry"

Christine Gosnay's Website.

Christine Gosnay on Twitter.

About Even Years:

"Surprising and moving, Gosnay's work shows us what the 'clean blue sleeve' of language can do, and we are transformed and held by this book the way the speaker in the final poem is compelled by a 'photograph of rose baskets in Morocco': 'Nothing on earth could keep me from pressing it to my face.'"
—Angie Estes

"If you seek poetry that takes pleasure in the world, here it is in bounty: 'the mind likes to see the broadening of what was slim.' Christine Gosnay spots the small-faced daisy among the grass, the dream before it vanishes. Her poems glow against the dark, bright stars constellating a heaven of her own making. Do sink into these pages and be charmed."
—D. A. Powell

"After reading Christine Gosnay's Even Years I feel as though I've rediscovered poetry all over again. Each poem, each line, each word, scintillates with the astonishment of waking up into a language and into a world, where, as Gosnay puts it, 'We are all trespassing.' These poems articulate the inexplicable strangeness of being human -- old songs brought back into life -- and I happily lose myself in their music. 'All speech is boast. I say nothing so new as you.'"
—Joseph Massey

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