Today's poem is "[They are blowing the leaves from the grass at Princeton]"
from Bye-Bye Land

BOA Editions

Christian Barter is the author of three books of poetry: In Someone Else’s House, winner of the 2014 Maine Literary Award; The Singers I Prefer, a Lenore Marshall Prize finalist; and Bye-Bye Land, winner of the Isabella Gardner Award from BOA Editions. His poetry appears widely in such places as Ploughshares, The Literary Review, Epoch, Georgia Review, and The American Scholar, and has been featured on The Writer’s Almanac, Poetry Daily, and PBS Newshour. He has been a resident fellow at Yaddo and The McDowell Colony, and a Hodder Fellow in poetry at Princeton University. For more than 25 years, he has worked as a stone worker, rigger, arborist, equipment operator, and supervisor at Acadia National Park, where he served as the first-ever Poet Laureate.

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Books by Christian Barter:

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About Bye-Bye Land:

"Christian Barter's brilliant song of ourselves is Walt Whitman filtered through The Waste Land. Bold and broken-hearted and up-to-the-minute, it is a visionary elegy for America in dozens of dead-on voices you hear every day on the train, in the halls, across the breakfast table. Bye-Bye Land virtually reads itself to you; all you have to do is listen."
—James Richardson

"What a good poet Christian Barter is, whose poems make you believe—a difficult artistic feat—that poetry is an utterly natural act. Reading them is like being handed a set of x-rays in the doctor’s office; you look at them, dumbfounded at how familiar these blurry shapes are—'Oh yes,' you think, 'that is my youth, that is my brain, those are my dreams, that is my heart—'"
—Tony Hoagland

"There are poets who can bring us to tears; there are poets who can make us ponder vast societal and existential issues; there are poets whose irony moves us at once to ruefulness and to dark laughter; there are poets who fruitfully challenge our intellectual capacities. But Christian Barter is that rarest of writers, the one who can make us react in all these ways, and often simultaneously."
—Sydney Lea

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