Today's poem is "Before Group Meditation"
from Then Winter

Bull City Press

Chloe Honumwas raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She is the author of The Tulip-Flame, selected by Tracy K. Smith for the Cleveland State University Poetry Center First Book Prize. The Tulip-Flame was named a finalist for the 2015 PEN Center USA Literary Award, and won the 2014 Foreword Book of the Year Award and a Texas Institute of Letters Award. Chloe's poems have appeared in The Southern Review, The Paris Review, Orion, and elsewhere, and she has received a Ruth Lilly Fellowship and a Pushcart Prize. She is an assistant professor of English at Baylor University.

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About Then Winter:

"On the surface, Chloe Honum's chapbook, Then Winter, is a powerfully quiet meditation on a speaker's experiences at a psychiatric ward. But the book is really about the power of nature, nature as 'conqueror' in all of its beauty—Honum's unromantic nature is the prism in which the speaker refracts her life, it's a way for the speaker to parse or re-angle pain. Honum's poems and voice are steely, unforgettable, and full of treasures. And her gifts are immensely palpable."
—Victoria Chang

"'Hope is anything/That travels in big leaps,' writes Chloe Honum. Her singular chapbook leads us down the fluorescent corridors of mental hospitals, adding grace notes to the world Lowell memorialized. For quite some time it has felt like mental house poems left us with only Sexton putting on her fur coat in her closed garage with the car turned on. Yet here, hope lunges at us, as if Dickinson had decided to pole-vault out of her window. Honum takes a big leap. What pleasure to witness."
—Spencer Reece

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