Today's poem is "Ghost Walk After the Resurrection"

from Sugar House Review

Chelsea Dingman is a Canadian citizen who studies poetry and teaches at the University of South Florida in the graduate program. She has poems recently published or forthcoming in Harpur Palate, The Adroit Journal, So to Speak, Quiddity, Grist: The Journal for Writers, The MacGuffin, Raleigh Review, The Fourth River, Bellingham Review, Sou’wester, among others.

Other poems on the web by Chelsea Dingman:
Three poems
"Letters from a War"
Two poems
"The Suicide"
"For My Son: A Forest of Stars"
"When the World"
"After Fleeing a War in the Second Wave"
Two poems
"Last Night I Knew Myself"
Three poems
"Letter to My Mother from the Shuswap"
"How Briefly the Body"
Two poems
"City, Surrounded"

Chelsea Dingman's Website.

Chelsea Dingman on Twitter.

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