Today's poem is "Animal Time"
from Because I Cannot Leave This Body

Truman State University Press

Carol V. Davis is the author of Between Storms (Truman State University Press, 2012) and won the 2007 T. S. Eliot Prize for Into the Arms of Pushkin: Poems of St. Petersburg (TSUP). It's Time to Talk About was published in a bilingual English/Russian edition (Symposium, Russia (1997). Twice a Fulbright scholar in Russia, Davis has taught in Michigan and Russia, and now teaches at Santa Monica College and Antioch University, Los Angeles. In winter 2015, she taught in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia Republic, Siberia. Her poetry has been read on NPR, Radio Russia, and she has read at the Library of Congress.

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March 13, 2012:   "Chocolate and the Afterlife" "She wrote of it as no one had: of the men who picked the pods, dried the beans..."

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About Because I Cannot Leave This Body:

"The obligation of the poet is to help us make sense of what we do not know, do not believe, or cannot understand. Carol V. Davis' Because I Cannot Leave This Body rather miraculously accomplishes all of these in poems both accessible and illuminating. This marvelous collection is part wisdom, part recollection, part explanation, part confession, part prayer, part journey. Davis takes us to Nebraska, Spain, Russia, California, and most importantly, to that interior country we never cease exploring. Ultimately, this book is a profound love letter to the relationship between language and the world we all travel through. It will make you never want to leave your body."
—Dean Rader

"These poems are filled with premonition, prophecy, and shadow. The persona, confronted with ominous images emanating from the real and the imaginary—such as raucous crows, threatening moon, visitations sprouting wings—moves through various landscapes that threaten and beckon at the same time. These poems travel, and travel well. The ride is one you will remember and want to take again."
—Jim Barnes

"In her fine new book of poems, Because I Cannot Leave This Body, Carol V. Davis explores her inner world and the course of her wide-ranging travels. She is drawn to her Jewish roots both by family history—as the 'granddaughter of immigrants fed on mistrust and shadows'—and her study of ancient texts. Her poems move from California to Wyoming, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, from Berlin to Beijing, driven by an uneasy sense of the dangers of life. 'Predicting Weather,' one of Davis' most characteristic poems, juxtaposes a violent hailstorm in Nebraska and an earthquake in her native Los Angeles, ending with a sharply observed 'moment of stunned beauty / before the crash of porcelain on tile.' A challenging and rewarding read."
—Chana Bloch

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