Today's poem is "I feel like an egg"
from MoonPath Press

MoonPath Press

Brendan McBreen is a poet, a collage artist, and a dreamer of amazing dreams.

Books by Brendan McBreen:

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"imagine me a stranger"
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Brendan McBreen's Website.

About Cosmic Egg:

"Brendan McBreen's spare poems in Cosmic Egg combine humor, science, philosophy and life experience in whimsical harmony."
—Jeannine Hall Gailey

"See where Brendan McBreen's humour, wit, and honest observation can take you in the cosmos--his and yours."
—Michael Dylan Welch

"Brendan McBreen has a unique gift for mixing math, science, philosophy, and whimsy in his poetry; this talent is on full display in Cosmic Egg, and stirs the philosopher and physicist within us all. This collection also explores difficult life experiences - gender identity, depression, abuse - with moving honesty."
—Cindy M. Hutchings

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