Today's poem is "My Mother"
from The Living Theatre

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Bianca Tarozzi is the author of The Living Theatre, translated from the Italian by Jeanne Foster and Alan Williamson. She was born in Bologna in 1941. Her father was a political prisoner under Mussolini, and then a Senator after the war. She received a degree from Ca'Foscari in Venice, where she also taught. Until her recent retirement, she taught English and American Literature at the University of Verona. The recipient of numerous literary honors, including a residency at the Villa Serbelloni, she has translated into Italian the works of: Elizabeth Bishop, Emily Dickinson, James Merrill, Richard Wilbur, A. E. Housman, Denise Levertov, and Louise Gluck. She has written and edited several scholarly books, among them a study of Robert Lowell's sonnets, which predated most American work on the subject. Also the author of many books of poetry, she began writing poems in 1947, and continues to this day. A novel about her parents' marriage, Una luce settle (A Subtle Light) was published in 2015. She currently splits her time between Venice and Milan, Italy.

Books by Bianca Tarozzi:

Bianca Tarozzi According to Wikipedia.

About The Living Theatre (translated by Jeanne Foster & Alan Williamson):

"This introduction to Bianca Tarozzi's always beautifully crafted lyrics—sometimes enigmatic narratives, sometimes mystical apercus—is a real gift to American readers who don't already know the writer's work. Her Selected Poems have been elegantly translated by Jeanne Foster and Alan Williamson, who also provide illuminating introductions. The 'living theatre' of Tarozzi's art (to use a phrase of her own) will engage and even enthrall those new to it while delighting those long hoping to see the original Italian texts in English."
—Sandra M. Gilbert

"How satisfying at long last to have this collection in English of selected poems by one of my long-standing favorite Italian poets! Due to Jeanne Foster's and Alan Williamson's thoughtful and heartfelt Introduction, and especially to their finely wrought versions of Tarozzi's 'poem-stories,' a whole new readership will be able to discover a voice that resonates with memories, inquiries, emotions, and deep poetic intelligence."
—Rebecca West

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