Today's poem is "Letters to Strangers"
from Landings

The Aldrich Press

Andrena Zawinski has published two previous full collections of poetry: Something About (Blue Light Press, San Francisco, CA), a PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award recipient and Traveling in Reflected Light (Pig Iron Press, Youngstown, O), a Kenneth Patchen competition winner. Her four chapbooks are Poems from a Teacher's Desk, Elegies for My Mother, Andrena Zawinski's Greatest Hits, and Taking the Road Where It Leads. She is also editor of Turning a Train of Thought Upside Down: An Anthology of Women's Poetry (Scarlet Tanager Books, Oakland, CA).

Books by Andrena Zawinski:

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About Landings:

"Landings spins us into a world of stunning tenderness and ferocity, as it asks: What is forgotten? What more is there to want? Zawinski's is the necessary voice of the truthteller, speaking trouble among the beauty. These poems breathe compassion with no borders: for the children of Aleppo, for refugees everywhere—for Central Valley farmworkers, immigrant steelworkers, women everyday living with rape and enslavement. In these brave poems, the blood moon blazes red-orange / sunbeams at its edges—as we feel the fire of brutality, the heat of desire and great loss, and the colors spreading out onto our fragile, beautiful lives."
—Jan Beatty

"From Neruda's bones exhumed as part of a murder investigation, to a childhood farmhouse burned down by the landlords; from a Syrian refuge child drowned in a perilous Aegean crossing, to a family who turned the parking stall where their son was gunned down into an altar; from a daughter recalling her mother's toil on the assembly line night shift, and her father's welding railroad cars between layoffs, to that same daughter decades later stripping sheets from her mother's deathbed and remembering her dead father's drunken card games—throughout this book, Zawinski is 'hijacked by memory' in her explorations as to what remains as the gritty past lives on in the postindustrial present. She knows that 'the missing are never wholly gone,' and despite the frequent harshness of human interaction, in these Landings, she embraces the richness of human experience and praises the courage of those who go on 'living as if they could do anything.'"
—Carolyne Wright

"These poignant, plainspoken poems span lifetimes and continents, chronicling a childhood in Pennsylvania when Coal (or Steel) was King and furnaces glowed the night skies red and an adulthood in California where stunning natural beauty paints a chiaroscuro with the daily news. What is left when industry ravages a town, a woman is raped, an immigrant child drowns in a crossing, a boy is killed in a gang war, or a beloved mother passes on? Part paean and elegy to what was, part lyric and dirge to what is, Landings asks the question of what remains—where we land—after great loss, then answers the question in poem after glowing poem. This is a book that offers wisdom and solace and one you will take comfort in reading again and again."
—Rebecca Foust

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