Today's poem is "Wrist Beep"
from The World of Multicongruencies We Tend to Inhabit Increasingly

New Michigan Press

Albert Goldbarthhas been publishing notable books of poetry for over forty years-two of which have received the National Book Critics Circle Award-as well as collections of essays and a novel, many of them from the admirable Graywolf Press. While his fingers have never touched a computer (laptop, tablet, etc.) keyboard, his wife Skyler teaches computer animation and digital media. Go figure. He lives in Wichita, Kansas. Go figure again.

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About The World of Multicongruencies We Tend to Inhabit Increasingly:

"I don't want you to think that all of Goldbarth's poetry is science fiction. It isn't. But he has a kind of science fiction outlook on the world.... He looks at even the most mundane events of human behavior in our ordinary world in all of Einstein's four dimensions."
—Frederik Pohl

"If ever the Martians do pay us a courtesy call, I will nominate Albert Goldbarth as an ideal ambassador. He is well-versed in their customs as in our own, and on ace terms with fellow starbuffs from Aristotle to Hawking; collects model spacecraft; has gone on record finding a timewarp no weirder than time; and is hiding, I'm convinced, waggly antennae.... Besides, what better earthling to regale the little green visitors, during the long voyage back to Mars, with tall tales of our exploits, our splendid tomfoolery, our love?"
—Ben Downing

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