Today's poem is "There Yet"
from Asbestos Brocade

Salmon Poetry

A.E. Stringer is the author of three collections of poems, Channel Markers (Wesleyan University Press), Human Costume, and Late Breaking (both by Salmon Poetry). His work has appeared in such journals as The Nation, Antaeus, The Ohio Review, Denver Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Poetry Northwest, and in Backcountry: Contemporary Writing in West Virginia. He also edited and introduced a new edition of Louise McNeill's Paradox Hill (West Virginia University Press). For twenty-four years, he taught writing and literature at Marshall University.

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Books by A.E. Stringer:

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"Low Opera"
Three poems

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About Asbestos Brocade:

"Art Stringer's poetry reveals a restive and observant mind attending always to the world around it. More than merely commenting on that world, Stringer's work commits itself to the study of what we observe every day. Not content to describe, he dares to search for meaning, as if the world in all its multifarious manifestations were a text to be deciphered. The poems are like rocky crags. With a sudden shift of weight, the cleft that was your handhold turns to a jagged edge that cuts you open."
—John Van Kirk

"Stringer is a poet of complexity and range... [he] beckons and invites us into his labyrinth. "
—Rory Brennan

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