Today's poem is "Incurable Cloud"
from Tremulous Hinge

University of Iowa Press

Adam Giannelli's poems have appeared in the Kenyon Review, New England Review, Ploughshares, FIELD, Yale Review, and elsewhere. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Books by Adam Giannelli:

Other poems on the web by Adam Giannelli:
"The String"
"Late Audience"
"How the Light Is Spent"

About Tremulous Hinge:

"This extraordinary and sobering debut begins with a literal stutter—'Since I couldn't say tomorrow / I said Wednesday.' In trade for this impediment, Adam Giannelli finds that, in poetry, what can't be said gives way to what must be said."
—Craig Morgan Teicher

"Adam Giannelli talks to the world—to rain, to insomnia, to the beloveds here and vanished, to the stars themselves in their 'old staring contest.' Sink into this book as into solace and trouble. 'Am I lost / or have I been lifted?' the poet asks. Answer: happily for us, both."
—Marianne Boruch

Rilke meets Roethke in the beveled moptops of a hydrangea, a basketball net's 'punctured sieve,' a rogue porcupine ('quilled, in dark makeup, like the bass player / in an 80s band'), all transformed, in Giannelli's scrupulous, sonically lavish articulation, into emblems of the unspeakable mystery inside every syllable. Inside us."
—Lisa Russ Spaar

"In this stunning debut collection, the observations of an often-solitary speaker explode in dazzling metaphors, unexpected juxtapositions, and challenging insights. Elegy becomes explicit as the book progresses, met in the final sections by poems of relationship. But the note of loss remains: 'What we've lost swims / under the surface of mirrors'—and in these extraordinary poems."
—Martha Collins

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