Today's poem is by Amy Wright

Yam Weevil

Infinitely susceptible
to downtrodden
or gobble, weevil
designers are constantly
upping the panoply
of options, like this outfit
in a blue-banded tunic
with tropical longitudinal
pinstripes, perfect for
afternoon executive meetings
or working lunches
in five-star restaurants
where presentation is so
crucial waiters will garnish
the cush cush if a chef hasn't.
Cerulean and sea green
bedeck each hind wing
and antenna, but toe tips
are the real touch, edged
with a downy-haired
yellow aura so that even left
entourage-less, he is
not without limelight.

Copyright © 2016 Amy Wright All rights reserved
from Everything in the Universe
Iris Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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