Today's poem is by Cati Porter

What It's Like to Be a Girl.


Cotton balls and cotton swabs and soft cotton underwear and pin curls
and violet toilet water and lipstick the color of your gum and chewing
politely with your mouth closed and keeping your bedroom eyes in the
bedroom in a water glass by the bed by the foot by the drapes your mother
drew with her magic marker making the rounds, making off


Sec, first l put on the petty dress. No, I meant pity. No, pretty. First I put
on the pretty dress. 'Ihen I twirl around and say, "Look at me! l am so
pretty and petty! Pity me!" And then I say "Fuck this shit!" And then I lift
my skirt. And then you do.


Spin spin spin spin. Run run run run. Nylons don't if you clear them first
with your nearest acquaintance who paints a transparcncc that it is so
clearly apparent to anyone who looks (and everyone docs) at your
stockinged toes and the alluring ice-cream dripping down your luscious

Copyright © 2016 Cati Porter All rights reserved
from My Skies of Small Horses
WordTech Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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