Today's poem is by Matt Morton

The Idea

Attend to what melts: what redly blooms, then wilts.
A sort of heart-monitor, a sizing up. Do not try
however to iron the wrinkles out of the ocean,
as if happiness could fit in a peacoat-pocket. The idea
is to be always leaving the outdated versions behind.
For instance: I was a weed impersonating a dragon,

then I was bruised but alive in the go-cart wreckage.
When I say ocean I mean big water-filled canyon. The idea
is to notice: cairn of stones on the tundra, whistling
kettle, antler-scarred bark. I know moderation is
the wisest course, but how difficult when I see your face
not to smash my guitar on the coffee table and sing.

Copyright © 2016 Matt Morton All rights reserved
from Ninth Letter
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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