Today's poem is by Susan Firer

Thank You

Thank you, street signs, for pointing me toward the lake.

Thank you, lake, for never losing the thread of our conversation.

Thank you, Canada, for cool air, geese, & all the vowels in Nova Scotia.

Thank you, Bhutan, for prioritizing Gross National Happiness.

Thank you, sky, for returning, again.

Thank you, photo, for not knowing me any better than I know myself.

Thank you, objects, for your autobiographies.

Thank you, snow, for taking the poems in you away.

Thank you, Kenneth Koch, for asking "Why defend the kingdom of

Thank you, love, for your fragments & shoals.

Thank you, waves, for always knowing
        just what to say.

Thank you, letters of the alphabet, for your buildings & gossip.

Thank you, Louis Sullivan,
        for your midwestemjewel-box banks.

Thank you, poetry harum scarum.

& thank you, goldfinches, for being dandelions, & thank you dandelions
        for being goldfinches.

& thank you, Dollar Store, for your stellar Moon Pies.

Copyright © 2016 Susan Firer All rights reserved
from The Transit of Venus
The Backwaters Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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