Today's poem is by Meg Johnson

Sasha Grey and Megain Fox

have similar jobs, right?
The media insists
we act like they're different.

I don't mean to talk shit
about either of them, the allure
of pretty raven-haired women
bending over is obvious.

There is just so much bending
over and boob grabbing
that I'm exhausted
from pretending they make money
for different reasons.

Neither of these broads are reciting
Shakespeare. I'm not complaining.
I've spent many hours hiding
in bathrooms from Shakespeare
professors. I'm just saying
that Fox and Grey have similar
bodies of work and that Shakespeare
professors can be really creepy.

Copyright © 2016 Meg Johnson All rights reserved
from The Crimes of Clara Turlington
Vine Leaves Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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