Today's poem is by Sam Sax

the boy detective discovers his parents having sex

take a sound. stretch it into the most horrible
shape you can imagine. the boy was curious.
was it the house that moaned like that, caught
in some muted storm? if you stare at a door
long enough, you can see through it. placed
his eye to the key hole and his whole body went
stiff when faced with his origin. empty square
of a cowboy gripping the pale horse by its
knotted mane. her giant head lifted a foot
from the bed, reigns flexed in his hands. heard
her whimper with the light switch. the pastoral
picture of a mare painted over a far 111ore hideous
image. he still remembers the sound, loving the steel
bit in her mouth, a door hinge squealing open.

Copyright © 2016 Sam Sax All rights reserved
from sad boy/detective
Black Lawrence Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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