Today's poem is by Jennifer Moore

Instructions for Going Unnoticed

To disappear, become water. From the faucet
spill out to the sea, then ride in the wake of the whale

'til the ocean is your body and you are the ocean's.
But if evaporation is what you want, pour yourself

from kettle to cup; be sugar and dissolve. Make
saccharine your song and sing it softly. To flee

the observing ear, slip through a needle
and fold quietly into the cabbage rose, unseen

and unsung in a green bed. Be sure to call
yourself infant, meaning unable to speak,

and as a way of becoming wallflower, paper
your body in paisley and love the corner

that loves you back. Go un-photographed
into the night. Muzzle anything that glows.

Copyright © 2016 Jennifer Moore All rights reserved
from The Veronica Maneuver
The University of Akron Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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