Today's poem is by Sandra Simonds

Glass Box

Today, I think I can do this for you; I can make this box for you.
        I don khakis, the attire of the capitalist order.
The workers valued revelation and the gospel which means
        "good news" in Old English. Spilled Frappuccino on pants cried,
"Oh no! Oh shit!" Then went down the soldiers of 33rd Punjabis of the British
        Indian Army in khaki. I don the depicted details. the place where one
must implant some cultural memory. I am the third
        remove, unheard, unheeded so today I think I can make a glass
box for you, call it a cube. She said maybe you're in love
        with your friend and I said I think I can do this for you.

Copyright © 2016 Sandra Simonds All rights reserved
from Steal It Back
Saturnalia Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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