Today's poem is by Tim Mayo

Chasing the Bear From the Birdfeeder

Boo! works the first time. A little less the second.
Then he begins to realize you are neither god
nor ghost, that what shines at him in the night,
your flashlight, has no power other than to reveal.
Meanwhile, the cat in the house has gone wild
with the urgency of annunciation.
something big mouses the seeds as she imagines
a rough beast slouching up to tongue our her existence.
But you, you see only a bear, the color of night,
shifting from lefr to right, backing away like a wrestler,
until he shuffles past the fuzzy edge of the woods
and on into the treed sanctuary you dare not enter.

Imagine a realm where all of winter is sleep.
What dreams could hold you that long?

Copyright © 2016 Tim Mayo All rights reserved
from Thesaurus of Separation
Phoenicia Publishing
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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