Today's poem is by Reeves Keyworth

Are You The Wine
        It is not all good for the ghost what the gut asks.
                        —Piers Plowman

Are you the wine, dear heart,
are you the wine
that unruffies the chattering instincts,
that freshens the palate,
so that the self
can once again let go, can jump
like one of those big autumn scrub grasshoppers
in the foothills
from thing to new-learnt thing, lost
in the scatter and the light.

Or are you
the greedy bellyheart
who eats your fill—
but cannot cease?

Are you the wine, dear heart?
Are you the faithless wine
that provides the chambers and lays
before my glittering eyes the feast
to which I bring such craving
but no appetite.

Copyright © 2016 Reeves Keyworth All rights reserved
from Lost Spiral of Years
Finishing Line Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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