Today's poem is "Redress"

from Rattle

Wendy Videlock's biography was not available.

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August 20, 2010:   "Intersection" "There tedium and suddenness..."

Books by Wendy Videlock:

Other poems on the web by Wendy Videlock:
Twenty-two poems
"Of You"
"A Toast"
Two poems
Two poems
"A Relevance"
Four poems
Nine poems
"North of Mist"
"Nor what we mean"
Three poems
Three poems

Wendy Videlock's Blog.

Wendy Videlock's Website.

About Rattle:

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September 16, 2015:   "Lorazepam" by Sam Sax
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November 8, 2013:   "Tabula Rasa" by Matthew Wimberley
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