Today's poem is "The Quest"

from Catamaran Literary Reader

Rebecca Foust's poem "The Quest" is included in her forthcoming collection, Paradise Drive, which won the 2015 Press 53 Award for Poetry. Other books include All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song and God, Seed. Foust has been the Dartmouth Poet in Residence at The Frost Place. New poems are in the Hudson Review, the Massachusetts Review, Mid-American Review, North American Review, OmniVerse, and other journals.

Other poems by Rebecca Foust in Verse Daily:
July 14 2015:   "Vernal" "Some things we believe cannot be redeemed...."
August 19, 2012:   "Stork" "Vows broken like bird bones. You spanned abyss intention..."
October 28, 2010:   "Perennial" "When you've gone, it won't matter to the musk rose..."
October 12, 2010:   "What You Work For" "Heft and hank of rope, halyard..."
September 12, 2010:   "Teleology" "In the seed lies all that it can ever be..."

Books by Rebecca Foust:

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Rebecca Foust's Website.

Rebecca Foust on Twitter.

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