Today's poem is "Elevator"

from Southern Poetry Review

Philip Dacey (1939-2016), Minneapolis, MN. Thirteen books of poetry. Most recent: Church of the Adagio (Rain Mountain Press, 2014). The Ice-Cream Vigils: Last Poems will be published by Red Dragonfly Press.

Other poems by Philip Dacey in Verse Daily:
December 12, 2014:   "Lifeboats" "I'm visiting my son's 8 a.m. philosophy class..."
February 9, 2011:   "Laryngitis" "I had nothing interesting to say anyway...."

Books by Philip Dacey:

Other poems on the web by Philip Dacey:
Five poems
"Music Appreciation"
"From The Book of Stones"
Two poems
"Picking Whitman's Pocket"
Four poems
"Choreographing Whitman: Timber Creek"
Two poems
Four poems
Two poems
Three poems
"New York Postcard Sonnet #77"
"Against Travel Bags with Wheels"

Philip Dacey's Website.

About Southern Poetry Review:

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Editor: Robert Parham * James Smith
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