Today's poem is "The Dog House"

from Hubbub

Judith Skillman's new collection is House of Burnt Offerings, from Pleasure Boat Studio. Her work has appeared in Tampa Review, Seneca Review, Prairie Schooner, FIELD, The Iowa Review, Poetry, Cimarron Review, The Southern Review, Midwest Quarterly Review, New Poets of the American West, and other journals and anthologies. Skillman is the recipient of grants from the Academy of American Poets, Washingron State Arts Commission, and King County Arts Commission. She has taught at City University, Richard Hugo House, Yellow Wood Academy, and elsewhere.

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July 5, 2004:  "Reclaimed" "No, the acre has no hold on me, I told the cold...."
May 6, 2004:  "Lattice," "The Arbor" and "The Espalier" "By its milky light the sun left to grow..."
October 16, 2002:  "Lilacs" "Because they signify a life / less sterile, I twist their stems..."

Books by Judith Skillman:

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"Rehearsing the Past"
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"The Hand of Sky"
"La Jolla de Mismaloya"
Six poems
Three poems
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Judith Skillman's Website.

Judith Skillman according to Wikipedia.

About Hubbub:

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