Today's poem is "Dear Auduboness"

from The Southeast Review

Fritz Ward's poems h ave appeared American Letters & Commentary, Gulf Coast, Blackbird, and many other publications. His manuscript has been a finalist and semi-finalist for the Academy of American Poets Walt Whitman Prize, the National Poetry Series, The Four Way Books Levis Prize, and several other contests. He currently lives just outside of Philadelphia and works at Swarthmore College.

Books by Fritz Ward:

Other poems on the web by Fritz Ward:
"Slipknot: Starlight"
Three poems
"Postcard with Tomorrow's Phobia"
"Dear Machiavelli-Mouth"
"Sky for Stained Bandages"
Two poems
Three poems
Three poems
"Mister Very's Vermont Wedding & Garden Party Conjures an Anxiety"
"Grief is Simple Interference: Endings Overlapping"
"Love Letter with Tsunami Diorama"
"The Doppelganger's John Wayne"

Fritz Ward's Website.

About The Southeast Review:

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