Today's poem is by Gale Marie Thompson

Yes, But More Animals

I am here dreaming of the Okavango, of lean times.
I keep thinking of my mouth without your mouth,
lobe-finned fishes, jackrabbits in their burrows.
There's a true science to how I dress.
When I walk I like to watch the great rumble
of my thighs find the light.
I want to hold sand against my chest but think twice.
Nothing is real to me unless it's right in front of me.
Is this enough bravado for you?
I want to give you the shape of a home,
but only if it's the right one.
I want you to cry when I tell you the bad news,
like the breeze takes away every warm thing, and
I did the best I could with all the decades.

Copyright © 2015 Gale Marie Thompson All rights reserved
from Soldier On
Tupelo Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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