Today's poem is by Kathryn Rantala

Will You

Wolf heavy,
my sinking footsteps want you
where the dark armies left you—
o moon weight on pondering blue.

Will you won't you
if I wear the white suit,
the snowing hood—o sea-bank burrower,

Will you peer or want me
shall I not shoot
or do?

Will you, where the ice edge sings its leaves
down watering air,
where twigs tell and
small furries roll up—

o bright bouldering brow
where pooling swims the closer
and the slightest stars emit,
will you sign to me,
your least,
your sweet danger?

Copyright © 2015 Kathryn Rantala All rights reserved
from The Finnish Orchestra
Ravenna Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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