Today's poem is by Kathryn Starbuck

Where Is My Wife?

Where is my wife,
goddammit? I have
no wife. But I really
truly need a wife. I
have at least three
thousand things for
her to do with sex
near the top of my
list. Everybody tells
me just to call her
on my cell phone.
What a joke. I
have no cell phone.
I have no wife.
My husband had
a wife. And I was his.

Where is my wife?
I could not be more
serious. Who's to help
me when I need to die.
My husband had a wife.
And I was his. I helped
him when he needed to
die because I was his.
Now where is my wife?
And no, I do not have
a cell phone and do
not want one dammit
if I do not have my
very own wife to
answer the most
essential call of all.

Copyright © 2015 Kathryn Starbuck All rights reserved
from Harvard Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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