Today's poem is by Kelly Nelson

The Geo Logic of Reincarnation

If the stories are true, most souls choose to return
to lives just led

the same old family, or right down the sheet, across
town, or a short ride away, returning to the people
and places they knew as if a bungee cord stretched
as they plunged into death and boinged them back to
the very same spot. Except, when they die someplace
else. The German fighter pilot gunned down over
England reincarnates as a British boy. The woman
who died on vacation reemerges in the foreign town
where she dropped to the train station floor. If we do
come back, I will, in that place in between, drink the
river water, eat the fruit, the soup that's offered,
to forget

to be surprised all over again
by where I turn up

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Nelson All rights reserved
from Rivers I Don't Live By
Concrete Wolf
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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