Today's poem is by Joseph Green

The Jealous Gods

When He made the Big Bang
the rest of us told Him how splendid it was,
but we really meant it should have been bigger,

could have tossed its particles farther,
ought to have made a much louder sound.
We meant it didn't look like much so far,

just a lot of little sparkles in the infinite dark.
So He said it wasn't even finished yet.
He said it was still expanding and anyway

He was the one who had gone to all the trouble
of putting it together, so we might as well
shove off. Which is pretty much what we did.

Naturally, we had to use the rest of our floods first,
and thunderbolts and swarming clouds of locusts,
but every single time we did, it was a disaster.

Nothing truly epochal ever happened.
Then eventually the calendar caught up with us,
and after that our days were numbered.

Copyright © 2015 Joseph Green All rights reserved
from What Water Does at a Time Like This
MoonPath Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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