Today's poem is by L.S. Klatt

The Cardboard Fawn

While it is living, while it is vital, the cardboard fawn folds itself
at the riverside & takes a drink of manganese water. The legs

bend; they are corrugated. The ears flick; they are tabs. The barcode
on its spine makes the fawn readily identifiable &, when scanned,

distributes it far & wide. These are facts that cannot be disputed.
But perhaps, as one can imagine, the wet lips begin a decimation

that darkens hindquarters & sends the deer downriver into an elegant
collapse, which, in various lights, can look like ·a wade, swim, or glide.

Copyright © 2015 L.S. Klatt All rights reserved
from Sunshine Wound
Parlor Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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