Today's poem is by Alexis Pope

Ritual Training: Lake Erie, 2003

Interested in nothing is how I explained myself

Light swamped crotch don't talk so loud

when we're infested with particulars

Bees rubbed into my forest, my snare

Eight inches to jack me

How much I hate the seed but love the berry

Try to squeeze the dress on somehow

My hair curled with your sweat

Run my hands over the pine needles

Saturate a daybed my disturbance of your clothes

When you text my name to me

Red delicious swells my gums, scratches the throat

Get caught on the saltfish

Hang glide my slutty fountain

Endangered hologram

Stream a documentary on dolphins

Eat a fat sandwich, clean my ducts

I was taught how to pour correct head

So hard to be a good person

The correct procedure for timing a pulse

Copyright © 2015 Alexis Pope All rights reserved
from Barn Owl Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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