Today's poem is by Maryann Corbett

Prophesying to the Breath

I'm tired of it, this labored breathing. Tired
of phlegm and coughing, and the fight for air,
bent double on the landing of a stair,
in wheezing gasps where nothing is inspired.
Tired of the silence next to me in bed
when measured snoring suddenly goes still,
of counting a nervous one, two, three until
it starts itself again. Tired of my dread.
I want it back: the confidence in air —
ruah, pneuma, spiritus — the breath
that stirs the vocal folds of nuns in choir.
The breath that Is. The sound of something there
guiding this gusty round of birth and death.
The rush of driving wind. The tongues of fire.

Copyright © 2015 Maryann Corbett All rights reserved
from Mid Evil
University of Evansville Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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